TGP GROUP was founded in year 2006. We serve sellers, buyers and renters of residential and commercial property and vacation resorts throughout the major cities in Johor Bahru. The primary focus is on “Seller/Buyer/Renter Representation" in the acquisition of new properties.

We are a Service and Information oriented business, advocating the best interest of one party

--- You, the client.

Using the latest internet technology, coupled with in-depth local market knowledge and experience, the team of TGP GROUP provides solutions to your requirements with speed and accuracy.

The steps and process involved in selecting, seeing and evaluating available properties:

  • Consulting

    Assist clients in locating suitable properties with acquiring and interpreting information about the property and its condition.

  • Negotiating

    Help clients arrive at a realistic offer for the property and assist in planning a negotiating strategy. Advise about financing options.

  • Managing the transaction

    Guide clients through the intricate paperwork of a real estate transaction and help ensure the closing stays on schedule. your social media marketing partner